Tough Box

I spent the last few days working my butt off clearing out my office. My Honey’s mom will be here in 10 days, so we’ve had to ramp it up a bit.

Thank goodness I have such a wonderful family! My aunt and two cousins came over to help us. We managed to clear out 95% of the spare room/office and to get most of the stuff packed up in storage bins and boxes. My aunt is a machine! I thought she only had one speed: Go!
I soon found out she actually has two: Go! and Go Like Hell!

Everything was then moved out and into the garage. We moved a huge open cabinet with pull out shelves into a perfectly accessible spot. It’s perfect because it holds everything and it’s very close to where the bins and boxes will find their permanent home.

In any case, I’m hopeful the room will be ready in time.

Tip of the day: The featured image for this post is of the Homz 27 Gal. Tough Box.

It is simply the absolute BEST BUY ever! These containers hold a considerable amount of stuff. The sides are slightly angled, almost straight, so you get to use the whole box. The construction is top of the line and the lid fits snuggly. The lid also has holes for securing the box with cable ties or actual locks. They also stack perfectly. No wobble and no chance of the sides or lids buckling or bending.

It is, without a doubt, the Best Storage solution I’ve found .. and at under $9 each at Costco .. the deal of the century!


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