Long day. Worked my j.o.b. last night from 8 pm – 6 am, then drove an hour to my monthly business mastermind meeting. There’s usually 5 of us in the group, but 2 were out due to illness. The 3 of us remaining had a great morning session, then went for lunch. Group was done early, so I got to visit my grandfather at a more reasonable hour.

It’s 11:00 pm and I’m now ready to sleep. Eyes are tired. Then I remembered I needed to post, so here I am. Anyway, it’s been a really good day, a lot was accomplished today, and I’m feeling good and tired. Staying at Bumpa’s house tonight because it’s too risky to drive home, and I’ve really missed him. He sleeps a good part of the day now, but we just like to hang out together and watch John Wayne movies.

I’ll hang out until sometime after noon tomorrow, then make my way back home. Still have a lot of work to do on the home front, so need to get to it. This will be a fun weekend hanging out with my family. Not going to push it, or try to get anything done except for that.

G’nite world 🙂


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