Preparing For The Sugar Solution

I didn’t get as much done today as I had hoped. I was just too tired from working last night and having to go in two hours earlier tonight to cover the holiday schedule. At least with 12 hr shifts I can usually get plenty of work done without being interrupted too often.

I’m off this 4th of July weekend and hope to get some work done around my house in preparation for my mother in law’s visit. I’ll sleep long and hard when I get home tomorrow morning and will be able to enjoy the festivities.
There is sooo much work to be done and only three weeks left to get ‘er done. Praying for inspiration and intervention!

Kinda having a rough time concentrating and staying on topic today. I know I’m mentally tired and a great sleep will do wonders. Doesn’t help me right now though, with 6 hrs left of my 12 hr shift. Ugh. Reckon a strong cup of coffee is in order.

I just got a huge spike of inspiration, courtesy of Brad Spencer. We’ve never met, and only know of each other through some Facebook marketing groups we both belong to. This evening he posted a “before” pic of himself as he embarks on his personal journey to a healthier lifestyle. Kudos Brad! My Honey and I are starting the Sugar Solution Impact Challenge to clean up our diets and make that all important lifestyle change. Always nice to know you’re not alone.


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