Halfway There

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 15

Halfway there! Woohoo! 15 days and except for maybe pushing the lateness of my posts a bit, I’ve kept on track. The whole reason for doing this challenge is to train myself to write. Write something, anything, every day so I learn to take the time from my oh-so-busy schedule and consciously think about what I want to say. It’s an interesting thing really. Most of my entries here have been short and sweet. Some quite personal. Some where I’m explaining business things I’m doing and why. It’s all good.

I spent the better part of today watching training videos. I’m keeping to my word of going full bore on the tee shirt ecommerce platform and today was a day of intentional learning. One cool thing with this platform is that the developers are making it so we can sell out own products as well as tees, etc.

Along the way, I’ve discovered that I really really dislike webinars which are over an hour long. How much time to do I want to spend listening to and watching a recording? Always so much banter and getting off track. I’ve got things to do! Anyway, just something I’ve noticed.

Since I’m sold on TeeProfitsPro, I also took the opportunity to send out an email to a few friends and post in a Facebook group of marketers about the new system. Had a good number of folks asking me for details of the system, so used my affiliate link to send them to the website. I sure hope some of them jump on it with me because it really is a wonderful product and opportunity.

Pau for now .. more tomorrow.

Celebrating Bumpa!

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 13

What a day! Huge family get together to celebrate Boniface Hoaliku Lee. Bumpa, (so named by David “D” Lee, when as a baby he couldn’t say Grampa), is nearly 96 years of age and going strong. 60 or so friends and family stopped by to visit, hang out, and kaukau Hawaiian style. (For you haoles out there, “kaukau” is Hawaiian slang for “food” or “let’s eat”. “Kaukau Hawaiian style” means, eat till you’re full, sleep, wake up and eat some more.

Anyway, long story short, it was a wonderfully exhausting day :)

I had a couple of ah ha moments as well. I have a number of interests and am building multiple websites and businesses which deal with those interests. One ah ha is that I’m ready to see some financial fruits from my labors. While I’m building out some long term business resources, there are also a few short term business ventures with which I could realize some cash flow more immediately.

I’ve decided to rethink and re-prioritize my intentions and my efforts. Elaboration to follow ..

Happy Birthday To Me

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 12

It was a very good day!

Spent the day just hanging out with my Honey .. doing stuff together and looking for a needle in a haystack. Honey misplaced a $100 REI gift card and we were on a quest to find it. Gave the pups a bath (x3) and they were great about it. Still loved us afterward.

Honey went out and brought back some St. Louis style ribs, brisket, mac ‘n cheese, German potato salad and cole slaw for dinner. Onolicious! (That’s pidgin for Hella good!) Then we watched The Kingsman and had Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup ice cream for dessert. Awesome day.

Early up tomorrow for Grampa’s party. Can’t wait! My family is the love of my life and I cherish every moment I get to spend with them.

Woke up to Birthday wishes from friends and family. Very nice when folks take a few moments out of their busy day to connect and send positive thoughts and energy. Wonderful to wake up to that.

June 26th, 2015 – A Day To Remember

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 11

June 26th, 2015. This is one of those day where you’ll remember where you were and what you were doing. Today is the day the Supreme Court of the United States of America made marriage for us gay folk the law of the land. Today is the day the United States of America did indeed become a more perfect union.

I woke up around 10 am this morning and received a text message from my sister in law in TN with the photo you see in this post. I turned on the TV to see the news. I always believed marriage equality would happen, I just didn’t really hope to see it happen in my lifetime. Oh what a happy day!

The San Francisco Gay Pride Parade and festivities are set to take place tomorrow, June 27th, which also happens to be my birthday. I haven’t been to a Pride Day in years, and this one is sure to be spectacular and joyful. Don’t know if I’ll make it to the City, but my heart will be there.

Also on this day, the USWNT played and defeated China to become one of the final four teams to challenge for the 2015 Women’s World Cup.

Tomorrow I wake up to my 55th year, and to the beginning of a brand new world .. how wonderful is that!?


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 10

Long day. Worked my j.o.b. last night from 8 pm – 6 am, then drove an hour to my monthly business mastermind meeting. There’s usually 5 of us in the group, but 2 were out due to illness. The 3 of us remaining had a great morning session, then went for lunch. Group was done early, so I got to visit my grandfather at a more reasonable hour.

It’s 11:00 pm and I’m now ready to sleep. Eyes are tired. Then I remembered I needed to post, so here I am. Anyway, it’s been a really good day, a lot was accomplished today, and I’m feeling good and tired. Staying at Bumpa’s house tonight because it’s too risky to drive home, and I’ve really missed him. He sleeps a good part of the day now, but we just like to hang out together and watch John Wayne movies.

I’ll hang out until sometime after noon tomorrow, then make my way back home. Still have a lot of work to do on the home front, so need to get to it. This will be a fun weekend hanging out with my family. Not going to push it, or try to get anything done except for that.

G’nite world :)

Back To Bags

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 9

I slept late today. That is until my pups decided it was time, and woke me up with puppy kisses. Got up feeling pretty good and well rested.

My dad is throwing a huge family party this coming Sunday to celebrate my grandfather. I did some RSVP coordination for him and volunteered to pick Bumpa up and get him to the party nice and early. Bumpa is 95 years old (soon to be 96) and it’s a good time to get everyone together and party ‘cuz you just never know how much time you have.

Folks are coming from all over for this party .. and it sounds like there will be about 50-60 family members in attendance.
I’ve got the best family ever!

Also heard from a long lost business acquaintance. Been out of touch for about two years, and out of the blue I received a phone call and voice message. Looks like we may be doing some business together again in the fairly near future. In a fortuitous side note, the folks at Rapid Crush launched a brand new ecommerce theme, specially designed to promote a single product, or single line of products.

I was debating about getting it, when I heard from my friend .. and there ya go. Decision made. It’s the perfect theme for this new single product. I’m cautiously optimistic at this point. If all goes right, this could be very lucrative for both of us.

One of the things I’m working on is setting up some affiliate systems. Going through a bit of training right now, and hope to have some projects set up in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to my local mastermind meeting tomorrow morning. Lots of stuff to report.

Sugar, JJ Virgin And Baby Girl

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 8

My Honey asked me to join her in JJ Virgin’s Sugar Solution Challenge. She has serious cravings and a family propensity for diabetes. Of course I’ll do it with her .. always easier to make lifestyle changes if all members of the household are on the same page.

A good deal of tonight was spent on going through an overview of the program and printing out the workbooks and various forms for the challenge. So, it appears the second half of 2015 will be a time of lifestyle challenges for me.
I’m up for it .. bring it on!

Oh, my Baby Girl is doing much better. Still in a little bit of pain early in the morning, but it seemed to wear off as the day went on. She’s about back to normal, thank Goodness.

Business-wise, I didn’t get a whole lot accomplished today .. and that’s okay. Not going to beat myself up about it. Will just try to get more done tomorrow.

That’s going to be it for today. I’m tired and so will listen to my body and go take a nap.

Until tomorrow ..

Family Stuff

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 7

Had to take my favorite cat to the vet today. She was exhibiting sign of being in significant pain, with low growling and crying. This started very last last night, or very early in the morning, if you’re a night owl. The vet did some tests and said that she could not find any reason for the pain. No broken bones, no bite or fight marks, and no bladder infection (thank Goodness.)

Baby Girl was still appearing to be in a bit of pain this morning, though the growling and crying had stopped. Hard to hear your kids cry like that.
Anyway, she’s doing better and totally NOT loving that she has to stay indoors so we can monitor her. Hope she’s even better tomorrow.

Looked at my last post and noticed that my link to one of the products was not working properly. Geesh! I’ll get to fixing that sometime tomorrow.
At least all the hassle and practice I had getting those two products up gave me some very good practice for future reference. I still have a full-blown membership training site and numerous training videos to set up and install.

Chatted with my entrepreneurial nephew yesterday. He’s a new daddy and going to school at the same time. I could use some help with getting some of the more techy things done and hiring him would be a very good thing for both of us. I have lots of projects which need to be customized and set up. Hiring him will free me to do some more immediate income generating projects, while earning him a bit of spending money, and keeping him fresh at the same time. More on that later this week or next.

You may ask what any of this has to do with running a business. Well as Entrepreneurs, sometimes Life requires one to adapt and change plans on a dime. Start getting used to it now :D


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 5

I got sidetracked today. Woke up with a few items on my To Do list and didn’t get any of them done, well, except for this post! Too hot to do anything outside and too cozy inside to concentrate on much. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

What got me off track was coffee. I LOVE coffee. My partner says I’m a coffee snob, and I reckon that’s a true statement. I like my coffee hot, fresh and delicious. If it doesn’t taste good, I won’t drink it. Period. Anyways, I have a coffee site that I’m playing around with, and found some pretty cool sources for wholesale and affiliate coffee related products. I’ll be exploring those much more in the very near future.

I’m going to go through a couple of video tutorials also. I have a couple of training courses I need to get online with buy buttons and need to figure out how to list them in Zaxaa. I love the Zaxaa interface and all the great features it provides. Like JVZoo, it has a place where you can find your entire purchase history for easy access. It also has a built for it membership plugin for protecting your product access. So, since I’m not up to doing much else today .. Zaxaa setup tutorials will have to do.

I’ve also been kinda sorta keeping my eyes and ears open for an internet marketing virtual assistant. I’ve realized that I could get so much more accomplished if I had a little help. I know, most entrepreneurs I know have learned that lesson long ago. I’m a bit slow to let things go :)

On to the tutorials …

Ongoing Projects

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 4

Today I’ll ramble on about a few of the projects I have in various stages of progress. Yes, I said a few projects. As an entrepreneur and human being, there are a good number of things which I enjoy and which interest me. I have some of both going on.

www.UltimateSportsBags.com and www.Girl-Jocks.com. Both of these sites are up and active and have made some decent income. As I progress with my own technical abilities and knowledge of internet marketing, I see things which could work better, look better, and perform better as time goes on. Both of those sites will be upgraded with more progressive wordpress themes, and plugins for a variety of functions.

www.ProSurvivalTips.com, www.NinjaWholesale.com and www.HawaiiLikeALocal.com are affiliate marketing sites, which may turn into authority niche sites as well. All of the niches I’m involved in are all niches I have an actual interest in, or have tie-ins to future endeavors. For instance, I’m also involved in private labeling some products which I plan on selling via Amazon FBA and on my own website. I’m interested in reaching my own brand customers and complementary products from other vendors. Why leave money on the table? Get the customer either way. If they don’t buy my product, I can still make commissions if they buy a competing or complementary product.

www.WomensSportsAuthority.com is a site which will bring all the women’s sports news, articles, updates, scores .. everything related to women’s sports .. together into one site. There are a couple of websites which report on only the mainstream teams, leagues, and players. www.WomensSportsAuthority.com will endeavor to bring you ALL of women’s sports, from the local to the national.

I think that should do it for now. There are other projects in the works, which I’m sure I’ll touch on eventually. It may seem like there’s a lot going on here .. and there is. And it’s all part of my masterplan :)

Until tomorrow …

Affiliate Marketing And DFY Systems

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 3

A couple of things I’m going to incorporate more into my business are Affiliate Marketing and Systems. Affiliate Marketing is simply referring or recommending products or services to my friends and customers. Since I purchase a lot of products, and I love sharing great finds .. I might as well recommend them with an affiliate link and earn a commission for a sale. I’ve done this occasionally for years, but this year I’m getting serious with creating additional passive income streams.

DFY (Done For You) products and systems are my theme so far this year. I’ve always had more time than money, so when I needed something done, I’d learn it and do it myself. This year I’m all about getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible so I can start earning my investments back quicker. I’m still learning to set up products and funnels, but I’d rather be earning .. so I’ll be changing things up.

I’ve invested in some super high quality DFY affiliate and membership sites and am in the process of customizing and setting things up. I’ll post progress reports on the various sites as they happen.

Another thing on my agenda is to update my Girl-Jocks and Ultimate Sports Bags websites. I’ve been thinking about changing and updating the themes and pages. Those are not high on my priority list because they’re already online and operational, however they are on my list of things to do.

Maybe during this 30 Day Writing Challenge I’ll list out my To Do List and let you see my progress.

Creating A New Habit

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 2

Yay! I remembered to write this post before the day ended! My friend and sometimes business partner Tracy, said that for her, writing Day 3 was always the hardest. If she could just get passed Day 3, it was downhill from there. Well okay, this is Day 2 and I’m here. So far, so good. This is working for me.

The interesting part of this challenge is to find and maintain some sort of schedule. Somewhat difficult as I have a full-time job which has me working the night shift on a two week rotation. No matter, I’m determined to make it work.

As a matter of fact, when I opened my eyes this morning I thought about getting out of bed, making a cup of coffee and writing before the rest of my household woke up. I did get the cup of coffee, however the writing would have to wait.

So, I’m thinking I’ll write blog posts for my various sites and also keep a running record of the things I accomplish in my business over these 30 days. That way I’ll have something to write about, which may actually turn into something worth following for future endeavors.

Tomorrow’s post will be a brief bio of moi, and may include some of what I’m actually doing in my business.

Until then …

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