Ongoing Projects

Today I’ll ramble on about a few of the projects I have in various stages of progress. Yes, I said a few projects. As an entrepreneur and human being, there are a good number of things which I enjoy and which interest me. I have some of both going on. and Both of these sites are up and active and have made some decent income. As I progress with my own technical abilities and knowledge of internet marketing, I see things which could work better, look better, and perform better as time goes on. Both of those sites will be upgraded with more progressive wordpress themes, and plugins for a variety of functions., and are affiliate marketing sites, which may turn into authority niche sites as well. All of the niches I’m involved in are all niches I have an actual interest in, or have tie-ins to future endeavors. For instance, I’m also involved in private labeling some products which I plan on selling via Amazon FBA and on my own website. I’m interested in reaching my own brand customers and complementary products from other vendors. Why leave money on the table? Get the customer either way. If they don’t buy my product, I can still make commissions if they buy a competing or complementary product. is a site which will bring all the women’s sports news, articles, updates, scores .. everything related to women’s sports .. together into one site. There are a couple of websites which report on only the mainstream teams, leagues, and players. will endeavor to bring you ALL of women’s sports, from the local to the national.

I think that should do it for now. There are other projects in the works, which I’m sure I’ll touch on eventually. It may seem like there’s a lot going on here .. and there is. And it’s all part of my masterplan 🙂

Until tomorrow …


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