I got sidetracked today. Woke up with a few items on my To Do list and didn’t get any of them done, well, except for this post! Too hot to do anything outside and too cozy inside to concentrate on much. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

What got me off track was coffee. I LOVE coffee. My partner says I’m a coffee snob, and I reckon that’s a true statement. I like my coffee hot, fresh and delicious. If it doesn’t taste good, I won’t drink it. Period. Anyways, I have a coffee site that I’m playing around with, and found some pretty cool sources for wholesale and affiliate coffee related products. I’ll be exploring those much more in the very near future.

I’m going to go through a couple of video tutorials also. I have a couple of training courses I need to get online with buy buttons and need to figure out how to list them in Zaxaa. I love the Zaxaa interface and all the great features it provides. Like JVZoo, it has a place where you can find your entire purchase history for easy access. It also has a built for it membership plugin for protecting your product access. So, since I’m not up to doing much else today .. Zaxaa setup tutorials will have to do.

I’ve also been kinda sorta keeping my eyes and ears open for an internet marketing virtual assistant. I’ve realized that I could get so much more accomplished if I had a little help. I know, most entrepreneurs I know have learned that lesson long ago. I’m a bit slow to let things go 🙂

On to the tutorials …


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