Getting Back to Basics

This is the year I take stock of where my business is, create a plan to take me where I want to go, and get to back to my passion projects. It’s also a time to get back to basics.

Early on I had some great success with physical products in my favorite niche, women’s sports. I kind of got away from that for awhile, and looking back .. it was because I somehow separated my sports businesses with my internet marketing ventures. Doh! I realized that somewhere along the way, in my conscious mind, the two became separate entities and I treated them as such. Actually, is was more like I treated my sports memorabilia and equipment bag business more like a rather profitable hobby, and my internet marketing interests as the “real” business.

Silly me.

I also realized that I’ve been flying by the seat of my pants for far too long. Learning to do everything, and then trying to do everything myself. My time and resources could have been much better spent.

Then in November and December of 2015, some incredible opportunities started coming my way. I’ve been getting more clarity, greater focus, and am finally putting my systems together in a more coherent and cohesive manner. And to be completely honest .. I’ve found some seriously brilliant people who have given me exactly the right advice at exactly the right time for me to hear and act on it properly. Different voice for each phase, and I can see and feel the difference. It’s a welcome change. I see this first quarter of 2016 as the set up and catalyst for the rest of the year and beyond. For the first time in a long time, I feel like I’ve finally found my voice.

Who are these seriously brilliant people, who have each provided me with a missing piece of my business puzzle?

  • Advice/Training/Products from Liz Tomey for my IM business, (
  • Erik Stafford suggested I get back to what I love and was great at, which is my passion for women’s sports. (
  • For the month of January, I’m immersed in Connie Ragen Green’s Internet Marketing Six Pack. Getting back to basics, and getting my virtual properties set up better. ( and
  • Next up is Tiffany Lambert’s Blogging and Content Creation Challenge over the month of February, (

Basically, I’m taking everything I’ve been doing poorly, reworking them, and doing them better and with more synergy.

Oh yeah, I also finally realized that the sports thing and IM are not mutually exclusive. I had them as separate entities in my head. I don’t know why. But each piece of the puzzle has been short and sweet and exactly what I’ve needed to move forward.


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