Focus and Follow Through

My theme for this year is “Follow through”. Focusing on building my business, then doing The One Thing everyday that will get me closer to my goal.

I heard about the book titled, “The One Thing”, by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan. It’s a captivating read about going small. Focusing on doing things with a very narrow focus, which helps get more things accomplished, which in turn brings great rewards.

This is me this year. Focusing on a primary aspect of my business and following through. Getting things set up or done before moving on to the next project.

I am still involved in a couple of niches, however I’m focusing on the biggest goals because I’m building my future income. The goal is to have a steady and sustainable income provided for by my various business ventures. No time to waste and no excuses. Focus and follow through.

So far this year I’ve set up 14 products ready to sell. Took me awhile to get to the point of finally setting them all up; listing them on my sales platform, setting up my autoresponder lists. It’s a process. This time I have help.

I purchased an unbelievable deal from my friend and mentor, Liz Tomey. It included a DFY (done for you) complete resell product, with an option for 2 more. It also includes specific training for the resell rights DFY product, a Facebook group, personal coaching, and more products throughout the entire year. Liz is also going to help promote the product. There are other things too, but those are my major buying points .. and they’re HUGE. Means that I have someone in my corner helping me get passed my sticking points.

I’m still reading “The One Thing”, and I’ll keep focusing and following through.


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