Celebrating Bumpa!

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 13

What a day! Huge family get together to celebrate Boniface Hoaliku Lee. Bumpa, (so named by David “D” Lee, when as a baby he couldn’t say Grampa), is nearly 96 years of age and going strong. 60 or so friends and family stopped by to visit, hang out, and kaukau Hawaiian style. (For you haoles out there, “kaukau” is Hawaiian slang for “food” or “let’s eat”. “Kaukau Hawaiian style” means, eat till you’re full, sleep, wake up and eat some more.

Anyway, long story short, it was a wonderfully exhausting day 🙂

I had a couple of ah ha moments as well. I have a number of interests and am building multiple websites and businesses which deal with those interests. One ah ha is that I’m ready to see some financial fruits from my labors. While I’m building out some long term business resources, there are also a few short term business ventures with which I could realize some cash flow more immediately.

I’ve decided to rethink and re-prioritize my intentions and my efforts. Elaboration to follow ..


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