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Notes on courses and challenges I enter. Where you can see and learn from my efforts and progress.

Family Stuff

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 7

Had to take my favorite cat to the vet today. She was exhibiting sign of being in significant pain, with low growling and crying. This started very last last night, or very early in the morning, if you’re a night owl. The vet did some tests and said that she could not find any reason for the pain. No broken bones, no bite or fight marks, and no bladder infection (thank Goodness.)

Baby Girl was still appearing to be in a bit of pain this morning, though the growling and crying had stopped. Hard to hear your kids cry like that.
Anyway, she’s doing better and totally NOT loving that she has to stay indoors so we can monitor her. Hope she’s even better tomorrow.

Looked at my last post and noticed that my link to one of the products was not working properly. Geesh! I’ll get to fixing that sometime tomorrow.
At least all the hassle and practice I had getting those two products up gave me some very good practice for future reference. I still have a full-blown membership training site and numerous training videos to set up and install.

Chatted with my entrepreneurial nephew yesterday. He’s a new daddy and going to school at the same time. I could use some help with getting some of the more techy things done and hiring him would be a very good thing for both of us. I have lots of projects which need to be customized and set up. Hiring him will free me to do some more immediate income generating projects, while earning him a bit of spending money, and keeping him fresh at the same time. More on that later this week or next.

You may ask what any of this has to do with running a business. Well as Entrepreneurs, sometimes Life requires one to adapt and change plans on a dime. Start getting used to it now :D


30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 5

I got sidetracked today. Woke up with a few items on my To Do list and didn’t get any of them done, well, except for this post! Too hot to do anything outside and too cozy inside to concentrate on much. Thank goodness for air conditioning!

What got me off track was coffee. I LOVE coffee. My partner says I’m a coffee snob, and I reckon that’s a true statement. I like my coffee hot, fresh and delicious. If it doesn’t taste good, I won’t drink it. Period. Anyways, I have a coffee site that I’m playing around with, and found some pretty cool sources for wholesale and affiliate coffee related products. I’ll be exploring those much more in the very near future.

I’m going to go through a couple of video tutorials also. I have a couple of training courses I need to get online with buy buttons and need to figure out how to list them in Zaxaa. I love the Zaxaa interface and all the great features it provides. Like JVZoo, it has a place where you can find your entire purchase history for easy access. It also has a built for it membership plugin for protecting your product access. So, since I’m not up to doing much else today .. Zaxaa setup tutorials will have to do.

I’ve also been kinda sorta keeping my eyes and ears open for an internet marketing virtual assistant. I’ve realized that I could get so much more accomplished if I had a little help. I know, most entrepreneurs I know have learned that lesson long ago. I’m a bit slow to let things go :)

On to the tutorials …

Ongoing Projects

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 4

Today I’ll ramble on about a few of the projects I have in various stages of progress. Yes, I said a few projects. As an entrepreneur and human being, there are a good number of things which I enjoy and which interest me. I have some of both going on. and Both of these sites are up and active and have made some decent income. As I progress with my own technical abilities and knowledge of internet marketing, I see things which could work better, look better, and perform better as time goes on. Both of those sites will be upgraded with more progressive wordpress themes, and plugins for a variety of functions., and are affiliate marketing sites, which may turn into authority niche sites as well. All of the niches I’m involved in are all niches I have an actual interest in, or have tie-ins to future endeavors. For instance, I’m also involved in private labeling some products which I plan on selling via Amazon FBA and on my own website. I’m interested in reaching my own brand customers and complementary products from other vendors. Why leave money on the table? Get the customer either way. If they don’t buy my product, I can still make commissions if they buy a competing or complementary product. is a site which will bring all the women’s sports news, articles, updates, scores .. everything related to women’s sports .. together into one site. There are a couple of websites which report on only the mainstream teams, leagues, and players. will endeavor to bring you ALL of women’s sports, from the local to the national.

I think that should do it for now. There are other projects in the works, which I’m sure I’ll touch on eventually. It may seem like there’s a lot going on here .. and there is. And it’s all part of my masterplan :)

Until tomorrow …

Affiliate Marketing And DFY Systems

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 3

A couple of things I’m going to incorporate more into my business are Affiliate Marketing and Systems. Affiliate Marketing is simply referring or recommending products or services to my friends and customers. Since I purchase a lot of products, and I love sharing great finds .. I might as well recommend them with an affiliate link and earn a commission for a sale. I’ve done this occasionally for years, but this year I’m getting serious with creating additional passive income streams.

DFY (Done For You) products and systems are my theme so far this year. I’ve always had more time than money, so when I needed something done, I’d learn it and do it myself. This year I’m all about getting things done as quickly and efficiently as possible so I can start earning my investments back quicker. I’m still learning to set up products and funnels, but I’d rather be earning .. so I’ll be changing things up.

I’ve invested in some super high quality DFY affiliate and membership sites and am in the process of customizing and setting things up. I’ll post progress reports on the various sites as they happen.

Another thing on my agenda is to update my Girl-Jocks and Ultimate Sports Bags websites. I’ve been thinking about changing and updating the themes and pages. Those are not high on my priority list because they’re already online and operational, however they are on my list of things to do.

Maybe during this 30 Day Writing Challenge I’ll list out my To Do List and let you see my progress.

Creating A New Habit

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 2

Yay! I remembered to write this post before the day ended! My friend and sometimes business partner Tracy, said that for her, writing Day 3 was always the hardest. If she could just get passed Day 3, it was downhill from there. Well okay, this is Day 2 and I’m here. So far, so good. This is working for me.

The interesting part of this challenge is to find and maintain some sort of schedule. Somewhat difficult as I have a full-time job which has me working the night shift on a two week rotation. No matter, I’m determined to make it work.

As a matter of fact, when I opened my eyes this morning I thought about getting out of bed, making a cup of coffee and writing before the rest of my household woke up. I did get the cup of coffee, however the writing would have to wait.

So, I’m thinking I’ll write blog posts for my various sites and also keep a running record of the things I accomplish in my business over these 30 days. That way I’ll have something to write about, which may actually turn into something worth following for future endeavors.

Tomorrow’s post will be a brief bio of moi, and may include some of what I’m actually doing in my business.

Until then …

Dennis Becker, E1KAD, And The Writing Challenge

30 Day Writing Challenge – Day 1

June 12-15, 2015 was the third time I’ve had the pleasure and good fortune to attend Dennis Becker’s Earn1KaDay Seminar in Las Vegas. Three days of masterminding, networking, learning, and playing with some of the most successful people online. Magic happens.

Quite a number of the attendees this year were writers. I was inspired to start my own Starting today, June 16th, 2015 – I begin my personal challenge to write something everyday. I love challenges!

That “something” may be a blog post for any of my websites, a guest post for a business associate, or a detailed business journal entry. My goal here is simply to train myself to write “something” everyday, create a new productive habit. I am NOT declaring a specific word count or format. One baby step at a time!

I will update THIS post with a link to what I’ve written for accountability purposes.

Game on!

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