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I slept late today. That is until my pups decided it was time, and woke me up with puppy kisses. Got up feeling pretty good and well rested.

My dad is throwing a huge family party this coming Sunday to celebrate my grandfather. I did some RSVP coordination for him and volunteered to pick Bumpa up and get him to the party nice and early. Bumpa is 95 years old (soon to be 96) and it’s a good time to get everyone together and party ‘cuz you just never know how much time you have.

Folks are coming from all over for this party .. and it sounds like there will be about 50-60 family members in attendance.
I’ve got the best family ever!

Also heard from a long lost business acquaintance. Been out of touch for about two years, and out of the blue I received a phone call and voice message. Looks like we may be doing some business together again in the fairly near future. In a fortuitous side note, the folks at Rapid Crush launched a brand new ecommerce theme, specially designed to promote a single product, or single line of products.

I was debating about getting it, when I heard from my friend .. and there ya go. Decision made. It’s the perfect theme for this new single product. I’m cautiously optimistic at this point. If all goes right, this could be very lucrative for both of us.

One of the things I’m working on is setting up some affiliate systems. Going through a bit of training right now, and hope to have some projects set up in the coming weeks.

Looking forward to my local mastermind meeting tomorrow morning. Lots of stuff to report.


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