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I Had A Dream ..

I have a full time job and I work the night shift. That means I take a nap 2-3 hours before I have to get ready for work.

The cool thing is that I’m such a good sleeper that even when I dream, I usually don’t remember. Well I had a really cool dream today so I’ll post it here so I’ll have it for future remembrance.

One of my side projects is where I sell women’s sports memorabilia and collectibles. I have a very cool logo and had a lot of friends asking if/when I was going to sell some Girl-Jocks t-shirts.

Here’s where the dream begins: I’m walking on a street with an Asian market on the corner. The kind of market which is so tiny every inch of space is used, goods are piled high, and the floor to ceiling windows are covered with ads and clothing. As I’m walking by this little store, there’s a small Asian woman (who slightly resembles my grandmother) standing in front of the window looking at the clothes. There are two t-shirts and a pair of gray sweatpants hanging there .. all bearing my Girl-Jocks logo.

My mind is processing this, and when I round the corner of the store, the little old lady is now standing in front of me actually wearing the Girl-Jocks t-shirt and gray sweats!

I went about my business and when I made the return trip it occurs to me that many years ago (when I was stationed in Japan around 1980 or so) I had some Girl-Jocks gear made up and I gave it to the local market to sell. Quite the coincidence that the very day I happen to walk in front of this store again some 33 years later, my gear is still there in the market window, then purchased and worn by the little Asian woman.

It was a nice dream and I woke up from my nap feeling good and happy.

Now as dreams will do, the timeline was all wonky. Girl-Jocks was not even a glimmer in my imagination back in 1980. I did have some t-shirts and ball caps made up around 2007 or so .. but none of that matters. What matters is that in my dream .. a long time dream came true and I got to see it play out in front of me.

If you’d like to learn more about Girl-Jocks … visit


Gotta Start Somewhere ..

This is my first post. It’s not an easy post to write. Why? Well, because I’ve really never considered myself a writer. Always thought I was a decent editor, but writer? Not really my thing.

To get over that – I’m committing to writing here at least twice per week. Let’s see, today is Wednesday. So I’ll commit to writing on Wednesdays and Saturdays. See how that plays out.

What to write about? That’s always been my main issue. What can I write about? Do I have anything of value to share? Any words of wisdom? That is yet to be determined I think. In the meantime, I’ll use this as a sort of journal. The musings of an entrepreneur working to build a sustainable and scalable internet based business.

A little bit about me:

I’m the eldest of my generation and have a slew of brothers and sisters. We’re all pretty close and get along very well overall. I’ve always been into sports and have participated in softball, basketball, volleyball and soccer throughout my school years. I have a couple of business plan ideas within the sports niche which I’m really excited about and looking forward to building out.

I joined the US Navy while still in high school and shortly after that I was off on the first of many adventures. That was what hooked me after all .. the old commercials where the Navys’ tagline: “It’s not just a job, it’s an adventure!” caught my imagination. And I certain did have my share and more of adventures! Ah, but those are for another day 🙂

After I left the Navy, I got a job as a civilian police dispatcher, then patrol officer with a private security company in Hawaii. After that I landed my current job, as an airline communications specialist. I’ve been steadily employed all my adult life and am grateful that my jobs have always provided me with the time and opportunity to develop my own interests. I’ve had this job for nearly 24 years. The folks I work with are my extended family and my second home.

Home life is a zoo .. literally. My partner of 18+ years and I had a discussion long ago which went something like this: if God and the Universe puts a critter in our path who needs some food, shelter and a little love .. who are we to say no? So it should come as no surprise that our household now consists of 7 cats and 1 not-a-dog. Okay, well it’s a Chihuahua and I swear they’re not really dogs. Every single one of them either found us or we found them .. and they just stick.

I am truly blessed.

This brings me to the end of this first post. I’ve had many great life experiences, which I’ll share along the way, and there are many more in the making.

Aloha for now.